Rainbow UV LED Light System

The Rainbow UV LED Light System is a high quality modular light bar system that can operate at wavelengths from 365nm to 405nm. Individual modules with 12 lenses and length of approximately 3” can be joined together to form larger systems. Each individual module is independently water cooled to ensure that the temperature differential across multiple units is minimised.

The LED light outputs are collimated with specially designed lenses, giving a beam half angle of 6.5o.The output of the units is 3 Watts/inch2 UV radiant flux. The design of the light bar and positioning of the lenses gives an even area of focus approximately 75mm from the front of the unit.

A potentiometer can be added to the light bar to allow the power to be adjusted as desired.

  •  Modular construction which allows multiple units to be joined forming larger light bars
  • Collimating lenses to give even light density
  • Liquid cooling system on each module
  • Low running costs, highly efficient


  • Modular Construction
  • Modules approx. 3” long
  • Units can built to any length
  • Wavelengths from 365nm to 405nm
  • Individual or mixed wavelength units available
  • 3 Watts / in2 UV Radiant Flux (DEPENDANT ON WAVELENGTH)
  • Unique Liquid cooling system to optimise
  • Thermal management of LED’s

Eight Module Unit

  • LED’s x 96
  • Liquid Cooled
  • Collimating Lenses
  • 21” in Length

Individual Module

  • LED’s x 12
  • Liquid Cooled
  • Collimating Lenses
  • 3” in length

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