Replacement Rollers

KSM Superclean supply replacement contact cleaning rollers (CCR), commonly referred to in the industry as 'tacky rollers', in a multitude of specifications in accordance with customer requirements. Moulded from inorganic polymers, KSM rollers are inert, chemically stable, and are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of use across a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from manual hand rollers, to high speed web processing, to the cleaning of large heavy plates and glass. The surface of contact cleaning rollers is critical to their performance, and at KSM we ensure that the surface is engineered to deliver the highest performance of contamination removal.

Our experience and expertise in contact cleaning ensures that we understand the application and process in to which our rollers are integrated, from which we determine shor hardness, surface finish and fittings to deliver long term reliable performance.

KSM also offer a contact cleaning roller re-coating and grinding service, enabling customers to use the original shafts and fittings and thus significantly extend the life of the roller and reduce costs.

In addition to KSM machines, KSM replacement roller solutions can be integrated in to a wide range of Contact Cleaning equipment.

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