At KSM Superclean we leverage the design and manufacturing expertise of Rainbow Technology Systems to deliver bespoke equipment solutions.
KSM Superclean machines, commonly referred to in the industry as 'tacky roller machines', deliver permanent contamination removal from materials and processes across a broad spectrum of industrial applications and sectors to include electronics, industrial converting, industrial printing, glass and many others.

KSM equipment solutions deliver single-sided cleaning and double-sided cleaning of material in sheet and roll form.

Our engineers work closely with customers to fully understand customer materials and processes and desired outcomes, and initially propose solutions in the form of 3D renderings and models. Once a solution has been agreed, our engineers construct and deliver the equipment in line with customer delivery and cost expectations, and support the equipment throughout its operating life.

At KSM we focus on delivering robust, high performance equipment that is designed to a “keep it simple” philosophy, whilst ensuring long term reliability and operation.

The return on investment (ROI) for KSM equipment commences immediately upon initial operation, and subsequently delivers sustainable long term productivity yield and efficiency enhancement, and increased profitability for our customers.

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