Part of the Rainbow Technology Group of companies, KSM Superclean is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance contamination and particle removal technology. Based on the proven contact cleaning principal, KSM specially formulated cleaning rollers and adhesive products permanently remove loose, problematic particles from surfaces both before and after critical processes to include printing, laminating, imaging, testing, slitting, sheeting, spraying, sputtering and coating.

Replacement Rollers for all machine types

The KSM Superclean Rubber Roller (SC RR) range of high performance elastomer cleaning rollers - commonly referred to in the industry as 'tacky rollers' - are manufactured to ISO standards.   KSM SC RR are manufactured to customer requirements, and are available as standard replacements and upgrades for existing hand rollers and machines. In addition to KSM Superclean products, KSM Superclean SC RR are available for retrofit in to all machine and hand roller products from other manufacturers.   Moulded from inorganic polymers, KSM Superclean rollers are inert, chemically stable, and are specifically designed to withstand the rigours of use across a broad spectrum of applications, ranging from manual hand rollers, to high speed web processing, to the cleaning of large heavy plates and glass. The surface of contact cleaning rollers is critical to their performance, and at KSM we ensure that the surface is engineered to deliver the highest performance of contamination removal.   Our experience and expertise in contact cleaning ensures that we understand the application and process in to which our rollers are integrated, from which we determine shor hardness, surface finish and fittings to deliver long term reliable performance.   KSM Superclean also offer a contact cleaning roller re-coating and grinding service, enabling customers to use the original shafts and fittings and thus significantly extend the life of the roller and reduce costs.  

Superclean Roller Maintenance Kit

Superclean Roller Maintenance Kit (SC RMK) The Superclean Roller Maintenance kit enables customers to maintain the best possible efficiency of the Rubber Cleaning Rollers in production. Maintaining the Rubber Cleaning Rollers delivers continuous high performance of particle removal. The SC RMK includes: - Protective clean room grade gloves - Bottle of cleaning solution (to use together with the scouring pad) - Scouring pad (used to clean the surface of the Rubber Cleaning Roller) - Pack of IPA wipes (used to do a final clean of the Rubber Cleaning) The Superclean Roller Maintenance Kit can be used to effectively maintain KSM Superclean Rollers and Rollers from all other manufacturers.

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