DSC_0383Rainbow Technology Systems have developed a series of ultraviolet LED light arrays that can be used for a number of exposure applications. The units are modular in construction allowing them to be scaled in size to meet requirements, and have various cooling systems from liquid cooling to heatsink depending on the needs of the process.

The units are compact and robust, and designed for high usage rates. Rainbow can tailor the control and mounting systems of the units to make them compatible with the processes and equipment they will be used with.



  • The individual modules are 3″ (75mm) long, and can be joined together to create banks of length 6″, 9″, 12″ and so on as required
  • Output wavelength can range from 365nm to 405nm
  • Individual or mixed wavelength units can be supplied
  • Typical output power is 3W/ inch2, dependant on wavelength
  • Collimated lenses giving 6.5o half angle.
  • Lens positions overlapping to ensure full coverage


Handheld UV.3 Desktop LEDs 1 Handheld UV.1