DSC_0368Rainbow Technology Systems have developed a completely Solvent Free Liquid Etch Resist. Our Solvent Free Liquid Etch Resist was primarily developed for use with the Roller Coating Machine that is the first section in our Rainbow Process Line, but can also be used with other equipment such as the Rainbow Desktop Coating System. Our resist is cured using UV LED’s very quickly and easily.

Solvent Free Liquid Etch Resist

As the Rainbow Solvent Free Liquid Etch Resist is solvent free, it has many advantages over conventional wet resist or dry film resist:

  • There is no solvent to remove, so there is no need to use a drying oven or air scrubbing, resulting in savings of energy, space and time.
  • It does not dry out, therefore there are no problems with clogging of rollers and no formation of ‘skins’ or similar. The process line can actually be stopped for extended periods and restarted without need to clean out the resist.
  • Panel coverage will be more than twice the amount of a conventional wet resist- no thickness is lost through solvent removal.
  • There are no foaming problems during developing, and the developing process takes only a few seconds.