Rainbow Technology Systems are developing a product which we know as our ‘Singulation’ system. The aim of this machine is to automatically output copper panels for PCB production with a coating of our solvent free liquid etch resist on either side (assuming double sided processing) which can be handled and imaged in a range of exposure systems such as LDI, DMD and many other conventional systems. This will bring all of the advantages of using our solvent free liquid resist to companies using exposure systems other than the Rainbow Process Line.

The Singulation System will feed the panels in one end, coat each side with liquid resist, cover the liquid resist with a protective film, and seal the edges of the film to the panel before ejecting the ‘Singulated’ panels ready for imaging. After imaging the protective film is peeled off before developing and rinsing of the panels.

The Rainbow Singulation system is being developed to offer an alternative to ‘cut sheet laminator’ type equipment. The aim is to mimic the output of such equipment- a panel coated on both sides with etch resist- but with the many benefits that the Rainbow solvent free etch resist brings.

The Rainbow Singulation system will be fully automated, easy to use, compact and more cost effective than alternative equipment.

Process Demonstration

Rainbow Technology Systems can fully demonstrate the principals of the Singulation process through use of our Rainbow Desktop Coating System. A single sided coated and laminated A4 panel can be produced quickly and easily, and can then be imaged in your  own system. In this way it is possible to experience first hand the benefits of using this system.

Further Information

For more information about the development of this equipment, or to hear more about how the process can be experienced through use of our Desktop Coating System, contact us today.