ver1The Rainbow Verification System brings fast and easy inspection of back to front alignment capability immediately after printing rather than waiting until panels are etched. The system uses two high precision cameras to look at both sides of a panel simultaneously and give an immediate feedback of positional error in microns on screen.

The standard system has the cameras mounted at one corner above and below a table and can accommodate panels up to 24″, however solutions can be tailored to meet other specifications. Data can be output from the system for SPC or other uses.

The camera system can be ‘taught’ to recognise various fiducial marks such as crosshairs, squares and circles and will give feedback on actual measured size of the fiducial as well as positional variation from one fiducial to another on the opposite side of the panel. The system can also recognise individual letters or symbols and can therefore assign readings taken adjacent to a printed letter or symbol for data collection purposes- for example the four panel corners could have different letters printed adjacent to the fiducials, then the system would know which area of the panel was being inspected automatically.

The package from Rainbow includes a robust frame and perspex table, high precision cameras, control system and backlighting from Keyence, a monitor and a calibration master.






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