Singulation mainThe Rainbow Singulation System is a fully automated coating and laminating machine that takes a copper panel, cleans it, coats it top and bottom with solvent-free etch resist, laminates it with thin mylar, seals the edges with UV light and ejects the panel ready for imaging in a digital imaging machine such as LDI or DMD.

The patented Rainbow solvent-free etch resist remains liquid after coating; there is no need for an oven as there is no solvent to release. The resist coating is thin and protected by mylar, and the machine automatically seals around the edge of each panel to allow easy, safe handling.

Rainbow resist is far easier and faster to cure in the digital imaging machine than dryfilm, requiring significantly lower power and enabling faster scanning. Throughput through the digital imaging machine is immediately increased.

After imaging, the mylar is peeled off and the panel goes through develop, etch and strip in the same way as a dryfilm panel. Because of the thin coating and liquid state of the uncured resist, developing, etching and stripping is faster and easier than is normal, typically meaning that existing etch equipment can clear out higher density circuits (finer track and gap).


Power Supply:  220-240V, 20A

Fuse Rating:  25A

Max. Panel Size:  24.5″ x 21″ (622mm x 533mm) on standard system

Throughput: Typical 3 panels per minute



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