The Rainbow Roller Coater is an automated machine that can take a horizontally fed copper panel, reorient it into a vertical position, and pass it up through a set of coating rollers. The coating rollers are designed to apply a set depth of coating to the panel, the result is very uniform and consistent.

The coating rollers have automated movement, which allows them to be closed after the start of the panel has passed them, this means a non-coated area at the start of the panel is possible if desired.

The level of coating fluid at the coating rollers is monitored and automatically topped up by a sensor system. The fluid is pumped from a holding tank, which in turn can also be replenished from a larger tank off-line, allowing continuous operation.

Unlike other coating systems, the Rainbow system only has the minimum amount of liquid required in circulation at any time, minimising wastage and chances of contamination.

The Rainbow Roller Coater is a compact unit that can coat panels up to 21” x 24”.

  • Compact double sided coating system
  • More efficient and repeatable than traditional roller coating solutions
  • Automatic operation, sensor controlled
  • Can be stand alone or used in-line with other equipment


  • Versatile unit measures just 1.0 m x 1.0m
  • Inlet at standard height of 950mm.
  • Coating width (Hi-Vo) max 530 mm
  • Panels are accepted into the unit horizontally (Hi)
  • Panels exit vertically (Vo)
  • Panels transported by Rainbow’s patented handling system
  • Handles rigid or flexible sheets
  • Low volume of circulating liquid
  • Easy clean
  • Minimal maintenance required.






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