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The Rainbow Process Line is a self-contained clean environment where copper panels are automatically processed double sided through the stages of etch resist coating, imaging, developing and rinsing, resulting in industry leading levels of throughout and very fine detail achievement (line and space). Power and water required and the waste produced are far lower than with other coating and imaging processes, representing huge savings both in cost and environmental impact.

Key to the process is the Rainbow solvent free liquid etch resist, used at only 5um thickness and cured instantly using UV LED lights. This means that the process requires no ovens and the resist is not subject to heat or solvent induced shrinkage.

The Rainbow Process Line is supplied with a full enclosure which includes HEPA filtration and a clean machine at the entry point. This, and the fact that there is a fully automated handling system meaning that there is no human interaction required during the processing, ensures that the risk of contamination is completely minimised. Extremely high yields are therefore achieved.

Phototools are used to create the required layouts; these phototools are brought into direct contact with the wet resist on the panels before the UV LED’s are used to cure the non-covered areas. The phototools are mounted offline into a cart-mounted registration system, which can be swapped out at the process line very quickly resulting in minimal downtime during part changeover.


Power Supply:  220-240V, typically 40 to 80 A dependent on system specification

Fuse Rating:  Dependent on system specification

Max. Panel Size:  24″ x 22″ (610mm x 560mm) on standard system

Throughput: Typical 2.5 to 3 panels per minute




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