Panda Coater IsoThe Rainbow Panda Coater is a compact unit that uses a scanning nozzle and coating bar combination to precisely apply liquid coatings on individual sheets of material. The Coater benefits from an ultraclean coating environment, with entry point contact cleaning and a filtered air coating area, with direct automatic movement to the curing area that ensures the coating is dried quickly without chance of contamination.

The Panda can process materials up to 26” (660mm) in width, and incorporates automatic sensing which both detects the start of the material to activate the machine, and measures the width of the material continuously to adjust the amount of coating that is applied to suit the particular sample. Operator input at the machine is therefore completely minimised; the Panda runs automatically and coats as required with no manual input.

One key use of the Panda is for protection of phototools, both for primary imaging and for the soldermask process. The Panda can apply coatings that stabilise the phototools, resisting dimensional changes caused by humidity, and making the phototools hydrophobic, chemically resistant and scratch resistant. The coating also acts as a release coating, useful for ensuring that the phototool does not stick to soldermask.

The Panda Coater is a key partner to the Rainbow Process Line, being the perfect machine to coat the required phototools with a release coating. The Panda can also be used for other applications such as applying high gloss coatings on pictures, posters or artwork.

  • Precision application of coatings at micron levels of thickness
  • Integral pre-clean and clean environment
  • UV light cure section
  • Automatic sensing of sample position, width and length
  • Full PLC control, with automatic operation that requires no input other than loading material
  • Fluid circulation system, with automatic stirring and in-line filter


Power Supply: 220-240V 13A

Fuse Rating: 10A

Max. Sheet Width: 660mm/26″

Height: 1262mm

Depth: 1205mm

Width: 1200mm

Coating Thickness: 2-10 microns

Fluid Reservoir: Max. 5 Litres

Extraction Connection: 3″

Machine Weight: 250kg


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Rainbow Phototool Protective Coatings

Rainbow can supply a number of UV curable liquid protective coatings for phototools. These coatings have varying characteristics in terms of properties such as scratch protection, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, optical clarity and surface tension. The most appropriate coating can be selected dependent on the customer requirements.

Whichever of our coatings is chosen for a particular application, they all share some common features such as:

  • They are applied very thin- typically less than 4 microns and most commonly around 2.5 microns
  • They prolong phototool life significantly
  • They allow easy cleaning of phototools using alcohol or other cleaning fluids
  • They stabilise phototools, making them more reliable and repeatable
  • They allow easier movement of phototools during imaging alignment- the coated phototool has a slippier surface
  • No problems with bubbles or delamination that are typical with laminate protection solutions
  • The coatings are all designed to work with our Panda Coater, and fully tested in our labs on Panda machines


Panda Coater ISO Panda Coater Side Panda Coater Open Panda Coater Nozzle