Phototool Coating - The Panda Coater

Precision Phototool Coating

Rainbow Technology can offer a unique machine that provides precision phototool coating. The Panda Coating Machine uses a patented system incorporating a coating bar and carefully controlled dispensing system to apply a UV curable, chemically resistant, hydrophobic release coating. This coating will extend the useful life of phototools considerably, and minimise the risks normally associated with handling and storage.


Phototool Stability

Phototools are very sensitive to changes in humidity and temperature and have to be handled very carefully due to the fact that any damage will transfer directly to the image created on the board. Even small changes in humidity can alter track and gap sizes by tens of microns, potentially lowering yields, and compromising capability. Cleaning of photo tools is difficult, and their lifespan is typically very short. Rainbow Technology offers phototool coating that is hydrophobic, chemically resistant and wear resistant, stabilising the phototools and extending their life. Handling becomes much easier and more importantly they become dimensionally stable.

Automatic Edge Detection

The machine can accept films up to 26″ in width, without limit on length. Sensors automatically detect the edges of the phototool and adjust the coating accordingly. The phototool coating machine also incorporates a UV cure section, with automatic movement between the coating and curing areas.


The systems used on the Panda have been tested to ensure compatibility with all of the major phototool film types, including Agfa, Kodak and Fuji. The coated phototools can be used for primary imaging and soldermask applications in a variety of different equipment types.

Direct Contact with Wet Resist

The Panda Coater is used in conjunction with the Rainbow Process Line, allowing phototools to be brought into direct contact with the wet resist where uncoated phototools would not be viable for use.

The machine is supplied as a compact, floor standing model with a PLC control system, recirculating and filtered coating feed system and automatic conveyor system. To find out more click here.