mini no 3 x200The Rainbow Process Line was designed to carry out the stages of coating, imaging and developing of PCB inner layers, replacing multiple individual processes with a fully automated, high throughput, high yield system.

Panels are coated with solvent free liquid etch resist, brought into direct contact with phototools, exposed to UV light supplied by LED banks and then passed through developing and rinse stations before being dried and passed out of the line ready for etching.

Panels are fed into the line in a horizontal orientation through a contact clean machine, thereafter they are handled fully automatically until the process is complete and they are ejected from the line in a horizontal orientation.

The system can be linked to an automatic loading system, and completed panels can be collated or passed directly into the next process. The included PLC system can be linked to other equipment and can be remotely monitored to allow unattended operation.


  • Double sided panel throughput up to 3 per minute
  • Maximum Panel size 22″ x  24″ in standard machine
  • Features sizes 25µm line and space and better
  • Panel thickness from 50µm core upwards
  • Very high yields
  • Back to front registration of better than 20µm
  • Part number changeover in less than 5 minutes

Process Benefits

  • Low energy usage- average of 8kW for full process
  • Low water usage
  • Extended developer solution life
  • Extended etch solution life
  • No oven or fume scrubbing required
  • Ambient temperature processing
  • Operator free environment, with enclosure and fully automatic handling
  • Fine line and space capability
  • No solvent related ‘dry-out’ of resist on rollers, phototools, etc.
  • Easy clean
  • Automatic top-up of liquids for coating, developing and rinsing
  • Easy operation, with touch screen control and proximity sensor start up
  • No Mylar waste
  • Long life of wear parts such as LED lights, rollers and phototools.


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